WordPress Tips

Things not so obvious, or maybe obvious, about WordPress I’ve discovered while creating custom plugins and themes.

Install WordPress in a sub-directory at GoDaddy

Installing WordPress at GoDaddy isn’t the same as on most hosts, especially if you install in a sub-directory. There’s a trick to the install that may throw you.

WordPress Fix for the keywords META

For Google the keywords meta may be dead, but its still used elsewhere. Automate your WordPress keywords meta tag with this code snippet.

5 Best Plugins for WordPress

The WordPress community of developers have created a multitude of plugins to enhance the basic function of WordPress. This is a list of the first five I install every time.

WordPress 3.1 Internal Linking Broken by tinyMCE Advanced Plugin

Update: tinyMCE has updated their plugin and solved this problem

[Solution] Excerpts Missing in WordPress 3.1

Share This Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Share on Google Plus Share on LinkedIn Share on Tumblr Share on Digg Share on StumbleUpon&#xe483 Share on MySpace&#xe459 Email to a friend After updating to WordPress 3.1 I noticed I no

(resloved) WordPress is_page() error

If your WordPress is_page() array is broken and doesn’t work as you expect, the problem may be in your page titles.

[solution] WordPress Redirection Plugin Error

First it was just an error with my existing redirects, then the plugin redirected my front page. Luckily, there is a solution

WordPress Internal Permalinks by ID Shortcode

Tired of chasing down your internal links in WordPress? This shortcode is for you!

Solution: WordPress Upgrade and Image Upload Errors

If you’ve ever had an “incompatible archive” or “saving media attachment” error when working with WordPress, the answer may be simpler than you think.

Adding Additional Menus in WordPress 3.0

This multiple menu function really makes menu creation much easier. There wasn’t a lot of documentation, so I wrote some