WordPress Tips

Things not so obvious, or maybe obvious, about WordPress I’ve discovered while creating custom plugins and themes.

(Partial Solution) WordPress “Press This” tool generates 404 errors

“Press This” can be a valuable tool for quick posts to your WordPress Blog. Unfortunately, it sometimes generates 404 errors

How to Cross-Post WordPress to Facebook Fan Page

Tired of double posting to your Company Fan Page? This is the answer

WordPress 2.9 Changes the Post Image Function

A Major Change in the image functions can break your Web site

In this newest version of Wordpress, the_post_image() function has been replaced with the_post_thumbnail(). This can cause a major bug problem.

Optimize Your WordPress Posts for Facebook

Put an image with your posts for extra incoming traffic!

With a small code snippet added to header.php, any re-posts to Facebook take on a whole new look!

A Blog Index for WordPress

If you have lots of posts in different categories, this script (snippet) might be for you!