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Tips and Tricks pertaining to WordPress, general SEO and Online Marketing and Open Source software particularly Ubuntu Linux

Namoroka 3.6.4pre Crashes — Solved

The latest update from Ubuntu updated Namoroka (Firefox for Ubuntu 64 bit machines) to 3.6.4pre. However, there was a problem……

[updated] How-to: Hide the Info Bubble in a Google Map

Google Maps are great!! But sometimes the info bubble gets in the way. Find out how to hide the info bubble in a Google Map.

(Solved) Blank CDs Not Detected – Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

Don’t blame the Koala

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem…

Easy Archive Technique for Evolution Mail

Email messages are the Post-it® notes of the computer age. Get them organized

You might even notice an improvement in your desktop performance

4 Ways to Hide Your Email Address from SpamBots

You try your best to keep spam off your desktop, don’t leave the door open with a mailto: link on your Web site

It’s really easy to drop an unprotected mailto: address into your Web design, but the consequences can be severe.

Upgrade to Karmic Koala Breaks MySql Server

Smooth upgrades are usually the rule with Ubuntu

But the Koala and MySql seem to have bad karma between them

Cascading Style Rules to Make Your Life Easier

Cascading style sheets made easy with a few simple rules

With just a few style rules in place, styling your site theme gets a whole lot easier.

New Search Engine Takes Factual Approach

Can a search algorithm tell the difference between fact and fiction?

A new search engine claims it can!