Style and HTML Tips

Tips and examples of how to change the look of WordPress using simple styles and bits of HTML.

IE9 Compatibility Mode Introduces CSS Errors

Testing sites in all versions of Internet Explorer is bad enough, but that’s not enough. As long as IE has a compatibility mode, that’s just one more IE version which will require testing.

Cross-Browser Background Opacity with CSS3

CSS3 brings us the ability to set transparency to background colors using an rgba designation. IE needs a filter, of course. Here’s the scoop and a table of transparency hex values.

Facebook Page Covers – Tips on size and design

Take advantage of the Facebook cover image now available for your business page by creating a custom cover. As with everything Facebook, there are some limitations and cautions…

[updated] How-to: Hide the Info Bubble in a Google Map

Google Maps are great!! But sometimes the info bubble gets in the way. Find out how to hide the info bubble in a Google Map.

4 Ways to Hide Your Email Address from SpamBots

You try your best to keep spam off your desktop, don’t leave the door open with a mailto: link on your Web site

It’s really easy to drop an unprotected mailto: address into your Web design, but the consequences can be severe.

Cascading Style Rules to Make Your Life Easier

Cascading style sheets made easy with a few simple rules

With just a few style rules in place, styling your site theme gets a whole lot easier.