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Sometimes, a short tip on a subject is all there is and trying to write a post about it is a lesson in frustration. A daily tip will let you share these bits with your site visitors making your site a bit more interesting.

When I wanted to add tips to my blog, I tried some daily quotes widgets, but the all had something I didn’t like. Upload CSV quotes lists, funky interfaces to add quotes etc. I wanted to be able to add tips the same way I added all the rest of the content on my site so I decided to write by own plugin.

daily-tipsThis plugin does one thing well – puts a daily tip in a widget. There’s no configuration and no choices. It lets you add tips the same way you add posts, then displays one tip each day.

It chooses which tip by matching the tip with its place in the list (first tip will show on Jan. 1) or, if there isn’t 366 tips (leap year) it will choose the first tip which can be evenly divided by the day of the year.

Download the plugin from this page to your desktop, upload it through the add a plugin interface and activate it. Put the widget where you want in your site and start adding tips. Go to settings -> permalinks and re-save your permalinks to activate the tips archive page. Don’t make changes to the permalinks, just push the save changes button.

There’s even a tips feed so folks can see your tips in a feedreader.

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