How to Cross-Post WordPress to Facebook Fan Page

Post to WordPress or post to Facebook. That is no longer the question. Now you can do both.

WordPress and Facebook

After reading the hype about social networking and how every company needs a Facebook page I thought ‘I can do that, and I probably should do that’. What a disappointment to learn that I would have to post to both WordPress and my Facebook Fan Page separately (companies can’t have a facebook page only a Fan Page). The WordBook Plugin will automatically post to a user’s status updates, but not to their wall or the wall of their Facebook Fan page.

Yet I saw many companies that seemed to be doing just that. They had posts on their Fan Page walls that looked just like their WordPress posts. I didn’t think they would spend that much time re-posting their content, so I went in search of an answer.

I Was Asking the Wrong Question

The question should have been: How do I display my WordPress news feed on my Facebook Fan page wall. The answer is the Facebook Application called RSS Graffiti Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Create your Company Fan Page on Facebook
  3. While you’re logged in, go to the appication (above) and click > Go To Application
  4. Give RSS Graffiti permissions and you’ll come to a page that lists your Facebook Profile page and your Fan Pages
  5. Select the Fan Page where you want your WordPress feed to be displayed.
  6. Select Add RSS Graffiti to this Fan Page
  7. Give RSS Graffiti more permissions
  8. Select Add Feed, enter the URL of your RSS 2.0 feed (http://yourdomain.tld/?feed=rss2), and give the feed a name.
  9. Click the preview so you can see how it will look.
  10. Save everything
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2 Responses to How to Cross-Post WordPress to Facebook Fan Page

  • Wes

    Hi, does this method of crossposting worpress posts to wordrpesss still work? Are there any better ways out there now? Thanks!

  • There are lots of ways, but as far as I know, this one still works. RSS Grafitti will grab any RSS feed from any site, not just WordPress. Also, with this method, there are no authentication issues between WP and Facebook. Facebook is simply displaying a public feed.

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