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I’ve begun retro-fitting some web sites lately, making them mobile viewport responsive, but I ran into some issues. Horizontal dropdown navigation became difficult to manage in a mobile browser, especially when there were a large number of sub-pages.

As an alternative, I started adding supplemental navigation in a widget so there would always be sub-page navigation in the page, even if the user missed the mouseover dropdown menu in a mobile mouseless device, or if they landed on the parent page directly.

Just Sub Pages WidgetJust Sub Pages Widget makes adding that navigation easy.

Install the widget, drag it to a widget area and presto, you have links to the sub-pages of any page, in a widget. The widget is ignored if there are no sub-pages and will add links to the sub-custom-post-type of a custom post type automatically.

The widget uses the default WordPress widget ids and classes, so styling will fall in line with the rest of your theme with or without special CSS rules.

It’s a simple plugin and in this first version, you can choose to add a title, or not (and hide it), and choose whether to show just child pages or all grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


  • Download the zipfile to your desktop
  • Go to Plugins -> Add New in your WordPress Plugins admin panel
  • Upload the plugin from your desktop and activate it
  • Drag the widget to the widget area of your choice in the Appearance -> Widgets admin panel
  • Choose if you want to show grandchildren and add a title, if you like.
  • That’s it
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