Namoroka 3.6.4pre Crashes — Solved

Sometimes an update isn’t an update!!

Ubuntu Karmic updated two days ago and the update broke Namoroka (Firefox for Karmic). I was running version 3.6.3 and was automatically updated to 3.6.4pre. Namoroka would open normally and view any page that didn’t have flash in the page. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very many pages. If I hit a page with flash, Namoroka would lock and I would have to force it to quit.

The Solution

In my case I had two Shockwave Flash plugins installed 10.0 r22 and 10.0 r45. If I disabled them both, Namoroka was fine, but if I enabled either one, bad news.

I found the answer on the Ubuntu forum, but it was hard to find. Here it is. Go to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and delete This will remove the older version of Shockwave Flash, and only leave version r45. So far, everything has been good.

In the terminal, that would be:

rm /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

I switched to root user to do this.


Upgrading to Lucid Lynx Ubuntu resolved all issues with the flash player and improved performance. See More Here

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