Portfolio Links Widget for WordPress

Do you have a list of affiliates or a portfolio of Web sites to display on your site?

This may be the widget for you.

Create a list of links and this widget will grab thumbnails of the Web sites and display them in a widget.


  • Download the zip file to your desktop
  • Upload to WordPress using the upload plugin link in the add plugins page. Activate.
  • Create a link category to your affiliates or portfolio Web sites.
  • Add links.

There’s the control panel ==>

Once you’ve created a list of links, grab the widget and put it where you want it to be.

Open the Portfolio Links Widget control panel and configure to your needs.

Thumbnails are automatically generated by Pagepeeker.com

Demo is on the front page of this site.


Initial Release

Styles updated – webshots sometimes wouldn’t fill widget window
Links re-enabled after WordPress deprecated them in v3.5.1

To Upgrade:

Delete the old version and install the new one.

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