(Results) Ubuntu Upgrade to Lucid Lynx (10.04 LTS)

Updates to Gnome and a New Look, plus fixes for lots of Karmic Bugs

I began my association with Ubuntu with Intreped Ibex and have been upgrading as new versions/subversions were released. My experience has been rewarded with a stable, very usable OS. There weren’t any problems until I upgraded to Karmic Koala.

With Karmic, blank media wasn’t recognized when inserted into my USB CDROM drive, Flash videos had a flicker and Rhythmbox sometimes just decided it couldn’t play anymore and died.

I must admit, I made some changes to the system that weren’t standard, so these problems could have been my own.

One of the Firefox upgrades broke firebug, my most important development tool, so I had to go with the most bleeding edge versions of Firefox from the SVN. I also installed the Google Chrome beta, which isn’t supported by Ubuntu. I also installed PC Fileman in an attempt to increase file system speed, with no success. Anyway, the Karmic Koala hasn’t created good karma with me.

The Good News

So far, all of these issues have been resolved with Lucid Lynx. My CDROM recognizes blank media and again prompts me for action. Rythmbox hasn’t failed and the flash plugin for Firefox works the best it ever has. No flicker and works at Hulu and YouTube. No problems with embedded video either.

I’ve also noticed some other changes.

Nautilus has changed, folders are now expandable, a la Mac, and is noticeably faster, which was one of my pet peeves. Boot time has been improved, but was never an issue with me. The default theme, ambiance, has issues with form controls in web pages, I don’t know why, and puts the window controls on the left, again, a la Mac, which I wasn’t expecting. I use the human theme, however, so there’s no problem for me.


All in all, this has been a big step forward. Unexpected issues with karmic left me frustrated and without diving into hard-core (for me) desktop OS debugging, I just had to live with the issues. I’m happy with the upgrade to Lucid Lynx.

Maybe the Koala was chewing too much eucalyptus!

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