[solution] WordPress Redirection Plugin Error

With the upgrade to version 3.0.1 of WordPress, then with later updates of plugins, the redirection plugin went haywire.

First, all the redirects broke. I looked in the redirect dashboard and found that all my page redirects now had a trailing slash, which, because I’m using custom permalinks (/%postname%) sends apache to find a directory, not a file.

So I fixed them.

Later I created a new page and the front page was redirected to the new page. In the dashboard under groups => Modified Posts I found a listing for root (/) that was not re-directed anywhere. I deleted it and fixed that error. For a while.

I created a new page, and the redirect for root was back, along with the redirect error.

Here’s the solution I found:

In the Redirection dashboard, under groups, I found the edit group button for the Modified Posts group.

I disabled the redirects for Modified Posts entirely.

I don’t understand the need for this group and wasn’t using that feature anyway. Seems to be working so far.

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  • SBA

    Wow! This was my problem. One day site worked fine, next day redirecting the home page to last page I added! This was on a recent WP install I did for a client and not after WP upgrade. I so appreciate you taking the time to document this. Thanks!

  • As an alternative, you can also go into your database (either through your cPanel or do what I do and use the phpMyAdmin plugin), select the “wp_redirection_items” group, then “browse”.

    Then, just go the last page, find the redirection for “/”, which redirects to the last page you published for some reason, and delete it.

    Just did with our site and that worked without having to disable “Modified Posts” group.

    That group, by the way, is for when you change the title or link to a post. The plugin will keep track of it and automatically redirect /old-post-title to /modified-post-title.


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