[solved] Caffine not working in Ubuntu 12.04 Pangolin

I installed Caffeine recently in Unbuntu Pangolin so I could watch embedded videos full screen without the screensaver coming on,¬† but I couldn’t get it to work. I tried adding¬† npviewer and plugin-container to the processes list, but it still wouldn’t recognize when an embedded video was playing.


I’m running Ubuntu Pangolin updated from the previous version.

The first thing I noticed on update was that I’d lost my Gnome desktop. I’m not on a laptop, so I don’t need Unity and I wanted my Gnome desktop back. I installed Gnome 3, but after a lot of false starts, ended up using Gnome classic configured as closely as I could to my old desktop.

When I installed Caffeine, it didn’t work. I tried adding npviewer and plugin-container, but no joy.I found a bug post on Launchpad concerning Caffeine and Gnome 3 (sorry, I lost the URL) which talked about the issue, but it didn’t really help a lot. Then I stumbled upon a post regarding Gnome 3 not supporting screensavers. It made me wonder why my machine supported screensavers even though I was running Gnome 3.

I found that I had installed Xscreensaver previously, and that was running my screensaver.

So I decided to uninstall gnome-screensaver and just run run Xscreensaver, but that was easier said than done. Gnome-screensaver won’t uninstall without un-installing Gnome, and vice-versa. So I took the plunge and uninstalled Gnome, hoping I wouldn’t loose Gnome Classic.

The Result

I suppose Gnome classic is contained within the Unity install because I un-installed Gnome and I still have Gnome Classic and now Caffeine works perfectly.

I don’t have a terribly customized desktop. I’m running Adwaita theme and I’ve got the weather indicator, radio tray, the indicator applet, workspace switcher, character pallet and a panel of launchers. If you have a heavily customized Gnome desktop, this may not work for you, but for me it was a success.

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