The end of Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash

Adobe flash player may be on its last leg.

Steve Jobs at Apple decided it was a memory hog and wouldn’t support it in iPad. Google now serves up videos depending on your device and will give you flash versions, but others are available.

According to multiple sources on the web, and my latest FireFox update, the adobe flash player will not be supported by default. I noticed today that any flash videos I came across in FireFox (and later I found the same with Chrome), I was warned that Flash was insecure and I would have to manually enable the player for that video.

According to Mark Schmidt, head of Firefox support, the plugin would be taken off the blocked plugin list if it can be updated to block all its security holes.

But do we really need it anymore?

In FireFox I disabled the Flash Player extension altogether and… I got videos using the HTML5 player instead with no problems.

For end users this probably won’t be a thing or at least a small thing. They can click the video and watch it with flash if they want to. For publishers this may be another story.

If you’re hosting your own videos, that dreaded conversion from .flv to other formats job is bearing down on you.

FireFox originally just disabled Flash, but within a few hours Adobe came out with another version which now has to be enabled per video, unless the user re-enables it in about:config.

I won’t be unhappy to see it go. HTML5 video is already default for most mobile devices, so the flash player is now just a legacy system that should be put to pasture.