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Eliminating FOUT In New Browsers

Code Snippets - Opacity and FadeTo

Hide elements in the page until their dependencies are loaded using this simple technique

The end of Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash

Apple doesn’t support it and now FireFox has disabled it. Flash is on its way out. How will this affect your online properties?

Setting default volume in Radio Tray

Upgraded to Ubuntu Trusty recently and couldn’t adjust the default volume of Radio Tray. There’s a setting in the dashboard, but it didn’t take. I had to alter the config file in .local/share/radiotray. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t intuitive either.

Retina Plus Social Icons

Yet another social icons plugin, but with a twist. This plugin uses a social icons font to deliver clear, crisp social icons in any display. Even apple Retina displays.

Add Post Footer Plugin

Add a sponor message, signature or adsense type code to the bottom of every post, No code to hack. Install and type in your custom post footer content.

[solved] Caffine not working in Ubuntu 12.04 Pangolin

If you’ve installed Caffeine on Unbuntu 12.04 and can’t get it to work, this may be the solution. Gnome doesn’t play nice with Caffeine, but there is a workaround.

User CheatSheet

User Cheatsheet Settings Dashboard

Do you find yourself wishing you’d kept notes on that last WordPress install? Or do you wish your client had? User CheatSheet lets you leave notes behind in the dashboard as reminders for yourself or for your end users.

Daily Tips Widget

Sometimes a subject isn’t worth a whole post, just a snippet or tip. Add tips to a widget with this simple plugin.

Google Docs Embed Script

Ever wanted to view a PDF in the body of a web page? With this short snippet, users can see your pdf in a web page using Google’s Document Viewer

[Updated] Add first and last classes to menu items

If you’ve ever wanted to make the first or last item in your navigation act or look differently than the rest, you’ve probably wanted to have a class to hang that functionality on. Now you can!