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[Updated] How to hide the success message from Contact Form 7

Updated technique to hide the thank you message from Contact Form 7 with this easy snippet.
Not as elegant. The new solution is a jquery snippet to add to the site instead of the Contact Form 7 forms.

Install WordPress in a sub-directory at GoDaddy

Installing WordPress at GoDaddy isn’t the same as on most hosts, especially if you install in a sub-directory. There’s a trick to the install that may throw you.

Just Sub Pages Widget

Drop down sub-page navigation can be problematic in mobile aware WordPress themes. Just Sub Page Widget adds suplemental sub-page navigation to the sidebar of any page.

More Like This Widget

Cross promote your past posts and increase SEO. When visitors find a post in one category, list similar posts from your blog in a widget. Increase in-page linking and relevent content on every post.

IE9 Compatibility Mode Introduces CSS Errors

Testing sites in all versions of Internet Explorer is bad enough, but that’s not enough. As long as IE has a compatibility mode, that’s just one more IE version which will require testing.

[solution] Flash Player Broken in Firefox Unbutu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Adobe Flash player for Firefox has always had install issues on 64bit machines and with Ubuntu Pangolin, that hasn’t changed. After trial and error, I installed it manually. Here’s how I did it.

Cross-Browser Background Opacity with CSS3

CSS3 brings us the ability to set transparency to background colors using an rgba designation. IE needs a filter, of course. Here’s the scoop and a table of transparency hex values.

Enhance your browser privacy: Logout and Clear Your Cache

It’s getting harder and harder to protect your online privacy. Here’s a simple step that can help.

[solution] Evolution Won’t Save Password Ubuntu

The Problem: I had to change my pop email password, but then Evolution, on Ubuntu Lucid, wouldn’t remember the password. Until I found the answer!

Facebook Page Covers – Tips on size and design

Take advantage of the Facebook cover image now available for your business page by creating a custom cover. As with everything Facebook, there are some limitations and cautions…