Update Your Website and Increase Site Traffic

Your Website might be your “Silent Salesman”…

but in the world of social media, it better not be too silent.

Google and Facebook are the most visited sites on the Internet. They seem to be running neck and neck in number of viewers per day. We visit these sites for one reason only. Content. Fresh Content.

Neither has an award winning design, nor are either of them heavy on content that requires a plugin (flash) or other software to run. For the most part, they’re both text based bits of content or links to content.

What This Means to Small Business

A recent study shows that SMB sites that update their content more than five times per month triple their traffic.

If sales is a numbers game, then this is a significant finding. Just by posting pertinent information on your Website more than once a week can increase your chances by three times. That’s a lot more chances.

See the study…

How Small Businesses Are Missing Huge Web Traffic Opportunities.

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