Video Links Carousel Widget

New and Improved!

Create your own YouTube Channel using this easy to configure video links widget.

Video Links Carousel Widget lets you use the WordPress Links function to make your own video carousel.

Create a link category for videos and add video links from YouTube. Drag the widget into your sidebar and presto! – a widget full of videos in a carousel. Click a video and it opens in a fancybox window! Try it!

I released an earlier version in June, but wasn’t happy with its limitations so here I am with a second try. Video Links Carousel Widget now uses jQuery carousel as the carousel script, it now has the option to disable the included version of fancybox if you run into a conflict, and an IE error was corrected.

Note: Still NOT compatible with FancyBox for WordPress but works with Easy FancyBox if you disable the fancybox version included with the plugin.

Usage:Video Links Carousel Widget

  • Download the zip file to your desktop. Upload to WordPress using the ‘upload’ link in the add plugins page. Activate.
  • Create a link category for your video links
  • Create links by copying the “Share” link from your chosen YouTube videos. Links should look something like this:
  • Name the link. The name will appear as the video title in the widget and as the title in fancybox.  >> Control Panel >>

Once you have some links saved, grab the widget and put it where you want. Open the control panel for Video Links Carousel Widget and configure it to suit your needs.


Updated to work with WordPress 3.4 and for iPad!

Video Links Carousel Widget has been re-released as Video Links Widget and now works in WordPress 3.4 and now displays videos in an iframe so YouTube can serve up the non-flash version for iPad.

Deactivate Video Links Carousel Widget and delete the files. Upload this version and activate it. Put the widget back in the sidebar and you’re done!

<< Demo is on this page


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